Hello, my name is Jennifer.

I teach people how to reclaim their Personal Wellness using Yoga, Reiki and other Wellness Modalities.

It's so nice to meet You!

I used to be a timid, people pleaser with no voice, turned enlightened Wellness Teacher and empowered female entrepreneur. I believe in helping you as you are and where you are; to help you rediscover your Wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit. I teach and use the same wellness modalities that I embrace in my own Wellness Journey. Which means that you get tried and true practices to help you embrace your own wellness journey.

I embraced my own wellness and became a 200 hour certified Yoga Teacher, and have done 100+ additional hours of Yoga Trainings to further my education. I'm a certified Meditation Instructor and a Reiki Master; with diplomas in Nutrition Advising, Spiritual Life Coaching and Aromatherapy. I am dedicated to Wellness and the many modalities used to establish and maintain ones sense of well being. 

Who Am I?

I'm a 28 year old, entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate; Fiance, Dog-mom, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Nature enthusiast. - But enough about my masks and roles in society.

My story, like many, starts with a tragedy....
I spent much of my youth being bullied and working through the emotions of divorced parents. From a young age, I knew I was meant to be different; and this ultimately set me up on the path of Wellness. I began questioning who I was, how I think and how the world worked around me. I began to embrace who I was through Meditation and Yoga - and soon discovered that I truly loved myself. I understood my sensitivity as empathy; and started working on myself.

I followed my passions and became a gifted healer across Mind, Body and Spirit.

If You are ready to Reclaim Your Wellness, I invite you to Contact Me or Learn More about our offerings through the buttons below.

Your Wellness Matters!

I invite You to try a Yoga Class, Reiki Session or any of our other offerings to establish Your Wellness.

You can find me in and around Tay Township, Ontario offering a variety of Wellness Sessions that help you to embrace who you are.

Namaste & Many Blessings.

Jennifer Barth

Your Wellness Matters!
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