Our Story

Our story began in a Grove along the shores of Georgian Bay...

Growth in the Grove was established in May of 2016 in a grove along the shores of Georgian Bay. Jennifer, the empowering woman behind it all, started out with Karma Yoga in Little Lake Park, Midland; and blossomed into Wellness with the addition of Reiki Healing in November 2016.

Our Mission is to inspire personal wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit through Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Nature and our Deep Inner Wellness Program. Prepare to be empowered to live your best life full of confidence and passion.

The path to mind, body and spiritual wellness begins with just one step. The journey to Sacred Wellness begins with you.

We look forward to being a part of your journey.

Jennifer Barth

Bachelor of Arts Degree
Certified Yoga Instructor
Reiki Master-Teacher
Certified Meditation Instructor

Jennifer is a gifted healer who trusts her intuition; and she welcomes you to walk your path with confidence. During her time in seclusion, by Georgian Bay, Jennifer began to open up to her light and personal power. She began to remove the masks and walls from around herself, and soon discovered her unique voice; thanks to the many teachers along her path. With their guidance she started a home practice consisting of Meditation, Self-Inquiry, and Yoga, nearly a decade ago, which helped her to understand herself, her journey and her souls purpose. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master-Teacher, and Meditation Instructor, Jennifer will help you step into your power and light with confidence and inner wellness.

In 2016, Jennifer became a certified yoga instructor after a 200-Hour Teacher Training in Gravenhurst. She studied Baptiste Methodology under Jack Boken and Hanna Von Hafenbradl, of Happy Jack Yoga. In October of 2016, Jennifer earned an additional 15 teacher training hours at Jack Boken's Breakthrough Weekend Workshop. 2016 was a busy year for Jennifer as she began studying Usui Reiki under Janine Hutchinson. After two years of intensive study and practice, Jennifer became a certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Jennifer became a certified Meditation Instructor in September of 2019, after studying under Mandy Trapp of Lifestyle Meditation. After further studies in 2020 with Steph Ball-Mitchell of Yoga & Ayurveda Center; Jennifer received her Restorative Yoga Teacher Certification and gained an additional 25 hours of professional yoga training.

Jennifer offers Vinyasa or Flow Yoga, Reiki Infused Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Private Yoga, Reiki Healing Sessions, Reiki Trainings, Meditation Circles, Workshops and Retreats; as well as her signature Deep Inner Wellness Program. You can expect to be greeted with soothing energy; and to be enlightened on the yoga mat or the reiki table. Jennifer sets out to help you build confidence and inspires you to step into your light, personal power and your souls purpose. Expect to have your life transformed.

Jennifer looks forward to growing and learning with you, and cannot wait to empower you to live a life of confidence and purpose. 

© 2020 by Growth in the Grove Yoga & Wellness. Proudly Canadian.

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