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Hello, my name is Jennifer.

I teach people how to reclaim their Personal Wellness using Yoga, Reiki and other Wellness Modalities.

It's so nice to meet You!

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I used to be a timid, people pleaser with no voice, turned enlightened Wellness Teacher and empowered female entrepreneur. I believe in helping you as you are and where you are; to help you rediscover your Wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit. I teach and use the same wellness modalities that I embrace in my own Wellness Journey. Which means that you get tried and true practices to help you embrace your own wellness journey.

I embraced my own wellness and became a 500 hour certified Yoga Teacher, and have done 100+ additional hours of Yoga Trainings to further my education. I'm a certified Meditation Instructor and a Reiki Master; with diplomas in Nutrition Advising, Spiritual Life Coaching and Aromatherapy. I am dedicated to Wellness and the many modalities used to establish and maintain ones sense of well being. 


Who Am I?

I'm a 29 year old, entrepreneur and Wellness Advocate; Wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Friend and Nature enthusiast. - But enough about my masks and roles in society.

My story, like many, starts with a tragedy....
I spent much of my youth being bullied and working through the emotions of divorced parents. From a young age, I knew I was meant to be different; and this ultimately set me up on the path of Wellness. I began questioning who I was, how I think and how the world worked around me. I began to embrace who I was through Meditation and Yoga - and soon discovered that I truly loved myself. I understood my sensitivity as empathy; and started working on myself.

I followed my passions and became a gifted healer across Mind, Body and Spirit.

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Our Mission is to inspire personal wellness across Mind, Body and Spirit using Yoga, Reiki, and Other Wellness Modalities. Prepare to be empowered to live your best life full of confidence and passion.

Our Mission

If You are ready to Reclaim Your Wellness, I invite you to Contact Me or Learn More about our offerings through the buttons below.

Your Wellness Matters!

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I invite You to try a Yoga Class, Reiki Session or any of our other offerings to establish Your Wellness.

You can find me in and around Tay Township, Ontario offering a variety of Wellness Sessions that help you to embrace who you are.

Namaste & Many Blessings.

Jennifer Howell

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