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2019: The Wild Card

2019 was a Wild Card Year that launched me into New Growth and Transformation. Most changes that I've been through have been relatively easy to navigate; however, this year I was tossed into the thicket a number of times. I admit that it took me some time to find my way out, but it led to significant growth and empowerment. I call it the Wild Card Year, because I never truly knew what was going to happen... each day was a brand new experience that challenged me or left me thinking about things. It's safe to say that I discovered a lot about myself and my place in the world. So, let's dive into my experiences of this past year.

2019 started out quietly, and that's when I should have realized that it was the "calm before the storm". I met some lovely women and even started a Reiki Share Circle with a few ladies. It honestly started out as a promising year, I was filled with joy and excitement. I was invited to speak on a Live Video Workshop, to join a community of conscious shifting individuals, and to become the wellness piece of a Program for Youth... I really thought things were taking off in a way that I never expected. It was in May, on the 14th, when things suddenly changed in my life. Many of you know that I started Growth in the Grove with a friend in 2016, but on this particular date... well she decided that she no longer wanted to be friends... it was in that moment that I decided that I no longer wanted to include her in what I have been working so hard on. We parted ways. On this same day, my Opa (Grandfather), was admitted to hospital for the first time. I remember arriving in hospital to see him, and having him tell me, "I'm sorry you have to go through this." I thought he would be returning home after a few days; but, sadly that was not the case. Due to Dementia, it was no longer safe for him to go home, as he was dangerous to those around him.

In June, things seemed to pick up a bit. I attended my sister-in-laws Baby Shower, and was invited to her Mother's Blessing to smudge and perform Reiki. They were beautiful events that brought a lot of joy back into the picture. In July, I was invited to participate in a Photoshoot with my favourite photographers ( 2 Views Photography). It was an incredible experience that put me out of my comfort zone. I have to admit, there's something so satisfying about getting a white dress soaked in the lake; and to enjoy many laughs with the Photographers. July was also the time where I decided it was time to host my first ever Weekend Retreat. It was only in the planning stages but it was bringing me so much excitement for what was ahead. Throughout the Summer I was invited to be a part of an event called "Share Your Shine", which brought local women together for an afternoon of connection, healing and more. On July 26, the same day as my best friends birthday, my little niece came into the world. She is such a precious girl. It was sometime in July - August when my Opa was moved to a respite home. It was a nice change from visiting him in the hospital, but it was difficult to see him slipping so quickly into dementia.

September came all too quickly, and I decided it was time to study Meditation and get my Teaching Certificate. It was an amazing journey to learn about stress, meditation and more. I also took an odd step in September. I was invited up to a barn to perform Reiki on a Horse. I must admit that it is one of the most interesting things I have been asked to do. I actually really enjoyed working on this paint mare. I learned a great deal about my abilities that day, and found myself wanting to work on more animals. Everlasting Light invited me out as a Guest Facilitator to one of her Women's Healing Circles. I was surprised to be included in such a wonderful evening, and to share my yoga, meditation and reiki practice with the women that attended. September also pushed me out of my comfort zone again... I signed up for a Pole Class in Midland, thinking that one of my friends would attend. I ended up going to a class by myself, with complete strangers. (AHH! - an introverts worst fear). I got to know the instructor and even connected with the girls who attended. It was honestly so much fun, and is way more challenging than you think. It brought to light things that I was holding onto, and let me have a creative outlet.

In October, I hosted my first Weekend Retreat. It was a lot of work, and I was thankful to have such amazing help from Sol to Soul. The food was incredible, and way more than I could have ever asked for. I learned a lot that weekend about what I would and wouldn't do again, and it was such a gentle entry into the world of Retreats. Unfortunately, about a week after the Retreat I received my first ever negative feedback. It took me by surprise, and left me thinking. Out of the 5 Women that attended, only 1 had a rough experience... and in the end of the day it was her own expectations and spiritual energy. October was a big month for my family as my Opa finally moved into his long-term care home.

November brought another opportunity for me to do something brand new... I hosted my first ever Deep Inner Wellness Program; which is a combination of Yoga, Meditation, Journaling and Reiki. I had 2 lovely ladies take the program, and they learned a great deal about themselves. The best part has been watching them put the tools into action and to grow from their experiences.

Here we are in December, and it feels like my world has been shaken. On December 12, my Opa passed away. It was unexpected and happened quickly. He was 86 Years Old, and lived a wonderful and interesting life. He was more than an Opa to me, he was a friend and someone I looked forward to seeing and talking too. I loved listening to his wisdom, and having him share things I knew nothing about. His passing has changed a great deal in my life, and even in the lives of my family members. His memory lives on within us, and I know that he is still around watching all of us. He now gets to see what I do, instead of just hearing about it. The grieving process is a funny things, and everyone will go through it in their own way... I just realized that I wear my heart on my sleeve, and that's a good thing. I allow others to feel what they need to feel, and give them that permission through experiencing my own emotions. My first birthday without him came and passed on December 17. All I wanted was to hear his voice and laugh, and to know that I would get several hugs when I'm home for the holidays. Little did I know he was with me all along on my Birthday. Nick, my significant other, coaxed me out into the forest for a hike and picnic. And that is where he surprised me. He proposed to me in one of my favourite locations, and I said "Yes, Yes, a thousand times Yes." It was a moment I will never forget. When I got home from the hike, I pulled my phone out and found 3 dimes attached to it. Dimes are a way that my grandmother connects to me from the other side, and I figured it was her, my grandpa and my opa all reminding me that they were their for the special moment and their to celebrate with me.

This is why I call 2019 The Wild Card. It had so many big moments for me. I grew from each experience, and I am now making my way out of this year with a new perspective, ideas and goals. I look forward to what 2020 will bring my way; and I trust that it will be divinely guided. Thank you for such an incredible year, and for flowing through the changes alongside me. I wish you a very happy, healthy and safe 2020.

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