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5 Reasons to Take Online Yoga Classes

Have You taken an online Yoga Class? Did you know that some people only practice Online Yoga.. and others have never tried an online yoga class.

I am no stranger to hearing "I don't have time to practice". This is generally blamed on the commute time to the studio, and being worried about making it to work on time. Or perhaps a result of needing a little more rest in the morning. There are many reasons as to why one may find it challenging to make time to unroll their mat. Should you skip a practice? No. You should have the option to modify it for your day, time, and personal needs.

This is where the Grove Tribe comes in. The Grove Tribe is an on-demand yoga and meditation library that offers a huge selection of online sessions without the stress of the commute or "lack of time".

Online classes may seem untraditional, but they are the perfect option for many reasons. Just hear me out...

5 Reasons to take an Online Yoga Class

1) It's Cheaper

It's true. Most studio prices for a Drop In Class are $15 - $25 per class; if you take 2-3 classes per week, that's about $30 - $45 a week.

On top of that you have to account for the cost of Gas or the Bus ticket to get to the studio.

Often times you will pay a fraction of the cost for an online membership; which gives you the freedom to practice anytime, anywhere, with no additional costs. The Grove Tribe costs just $15 per month for unlimited access to a growing library of Yoga Classes, Meditations, and How To Videos.

2) More Options

Sometimes we look for just the right class for our moods, energy levels and more... and in a studio we aren't guaranteed to get just what we want.

With an online Library of a variety of yoga styles, class lengths, and difficulties.. you get just what you want. This guarantees that you get the practice you deserve and need for your mind, body and spirit.

3) Focus on Yourself

It's so easy to fall into the comparison trap when you are in a class of other yogis - new or seasoned, everyone is susceptible to this. If you have a competitive spirit, being in a group class can push your body beyond what you would normally practice. This often leads to injuries, and you miss the whole point of the practice... to honor your body as it is, and where it is.

By practicing Yoga online, you can help to remove this competitive edge. This helps you to establish your practice and to work safely and in tune with your own body. It allows you to focus solely on yourself, your practice and your time on your mat. Personally speaking, practicing Yoga online has helped me to transform not only my own personal practice, but the way I move in a practice.

4) Tailor Your Practice to Your Schedule

Sometimes getting to the studio for a certain time isn't feasible - commuting can be a challenge, and sometimes we have loved ones that we cannot walk away from for long periods of time. This is why yogis often say, "do what you can, when you can".

This doesn't mean that you should skip your practice... instead I invite You to tailor Your Practice for what suits You. Doing Yoga online is the perfect opportunity to continue and evolve your Yoga Practice. With the Grove Tribe's library of on-demand classes, You can practice when You are ready. Our search tool helps you to find a class that best suits You - time length, style and difficulty. Plus, if you don't see what you like, you can let us know and we will get on your suggestion right away.

5) Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

With online yoga, you do mother nature a favor. You don't use the fossil fuels to commute to the studio, and you reduce your carbon footprint. This is a Win - Win for You and the Earth. Growth in the Grove is passionate about protecting the Earth, and all its creatures.

Are You Ready to Try an Online Yoga Class?

I believe that yoga is accessible for everyone, and that it should be practiced anywhere at anytime by anyone.

When selecting an Online Class you should always consider your experience level, and check in with your body. Listen for modifications in every class that will suit You and where you are. Feel free to leave requests, or to send an email if you have any questions.

Curious about Grove Tribe Yoga? Try our Free Trial for 7 Days!

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