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Conflicted Feelings During Coronavirus

Here we are.. almost 3 weeks into Self-Isolation due to COVID-19. As of 10:40am there are 3,255 positive cases in Ontario, of those 1,032 are resolved and 67 have passed on. We are only in the beginning stages, and I won't be surprised if they put everyone on Lock Down. This would be due to the select few who have disregarded the severity of this Virus. Enough about this side of things for now...

As a small business or entrepreneur, this virus has impacted my life. I haven't had any income since before March Break; but for me it's better to be safe. Not only am I concerned about myself, but about those who attend my classes. I've since been posting Pre-Recorded Classes on Instagram TV and Youtube, because I'm here for my students... and quite frankly, I really miss teaching and seeing you.

I've personally loved seeing the number of Wellness Facilitators teaching Live and Free classes online, as I've had the chance to learn so much from others. However, not everyone has enjoyed this aspect of it. I've seen the backlash within the Wellness Community... and I'm conflicted. I'm conflicted because I understand both sides. For those of you who don't know, the backlash in the community is due to the number of people teaching Free Classes Online. Some facilitators use Classes as their only source of income, so they are frustrated and upset by the number of free classes. I've felt this sting to some degree as I've lost my source of Income as well... but the difference for me is that I know everyone is struggling in this line of work. Not just me. Not just the upset facilitators. EVERYONE is going through some sort of struggle right now. Front Line and Essential Workers are experiencing great stress and anxiety at this time. Our friends and family are struggling with staying home and not going out. So, to those instructors or studios who are upset with so many people teaching online for free... you're being asked to create something new. To do something selfless. I get the loss of income, however I'm not bothered by it or worried about it anymore. I'm taking the opportunity to serve others in need at this time, through my studied gifts. I'm pre-recording meditations and yoga classes for those that cannot always attend Live Sessions. I'm continuing on my personal path... to inspire wellness across mind, body and spirit. I'm trusting that the World will change for the better after COVID-19. Let go of your fear, and serve your purpose or create something worth paying for.

I will be completely honest... there's really nothing like teaching a room full of people. I miss it. I miss the personal connection. Seeing you smile, growl and laugh. I recommend, that when all of this is over... that you return to the studios. If you've never taken a studio class, get to one and try it out. Online is great in a pinch... but you're missing the joy of coming together with others. To sharing and supporting each other.

Sadly, these aren't the only things I'm conflicted about. *Sigh* I'm struggling with the idea of what is Ethical in Reporting People during these times. Someone within my immediate community of Tay Township, has disregarded the severity of our situation. They returned from Florida only a week ago, with signs of being visibly sick, and went Grocery Shopping twice at my local grocery store. How do I know about this? Their neighbours had posted about it in an online Hub Group. I was thankful to those that shared it online, as I was able to avoid the store; and the grocery store was notified and able to clean the store. The problem grew when others started reporting others in the group... sharing the persons address, name and picture. (YIKES). There's a line somewhere between being a good community member, and creating panic and hate groups. Since all of this has gone down, the Group Manager deleted the posts and threatened to remove community members from the group. I can't help but shake my head. I understand that there's a line here that we have to tread with carefully. This group doesn't want anyone reporting people within the group, and I respect that. However, it comes down to community safety. You should be allowed to say that someone just got back from being away and was seen at the store... so others can avoid it, and the store can be notified. Please no Hate groups or mongering. Let's keep each other safe in a kind way. And be sure to practice proper cleaning procedures!

Where are you feeling conflicted? I'd love to hear from you, so leave your comment(s) below.

Many Blessings and wishing you health,


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