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Deep Inner Wellness Program

The Deep Inner Wellness Program was created in 2018, with the purpose of empowering you to be yourself. This 30-day program will encourage you to make Self-Care a priority, and to embrace your inner wellness, truth and power. The Deep Inner Wellness Program will shift your inner world; as it works on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies of who you are. You will be aligned with your personal well-being through Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Journaling and Guided Check Ins. This is a unique program for those who are seeking personal transformation and inner wellness. You can find this program offered Online and In-Person; as a group or one on one.

I originally designed this program to be run as a one-on-one program; however, I found that by opening it up to groups of 4, I was able to reach more individuals and to create a sharing space for Healing. I was called to build and run this program after my own personal journey to Inner Wellness. I spent much of my youth being a people pleaser, just dying to fit in with others; only to discover that I never truly fit in. I discovered that I had been Meditating on my own since I was a young child, and only started purposefully doing it in 2013. I had a wonderful neighbour and friend at the time who would also come over for a morning coffee, which led to mind expanding conversations. He would always ask me the tough questions and get me to take a look at myself. This really influenced what I was doing, and who I was becoming. I was always fond of writing, and had started journaling when I learned to write. This gave me a way to dig deep and express what I was holding in. By the time I made it to university, I realized that I was stressed out and anxious over being alone and away from family. I was underage so I couldn't drink with my new friends at the bars or clubs, so instead I would stay home. I found Yoga videos on Youtube and began my practice their. I didn't have my first real class until the Summer of 2011 or 2012, when a friend invited me to a yoga festival in Severn Township. This is where I met Happy Jack, who would later train me to be a yoga teacher in 2016. I stumbled into Reiki when a friend mentioned that she had, had a session done. I researched online, and decided to schedule an appointment. This is when I knew I wanted to become a Reiki Practitioner.

With these experiences in different Wellness Modalities, I soon discovered that the unique combination helped me to find Inner Wellness. I knew who I was and what I wanted; and I learned to make time for my personal wellness. It became a priority for me. This is why I combined all of these wellness tools into one amazing 30-day program; because it worked for me and it can work for you. The thing about the program is you have to be dedicated to yourself, and to doing the work daily for it to work. If you don't see results, it's because you aren't doing the work. When your register for the program you will receive the Course Booklet that I created. It will have Daily Meditation Links, and Journaling Prompts; as well as sectioned chapters that you work through. Each chapter will share my personal experience, and give you optional extras to read or watch. Everything that you find in the Booklet is something I've used, read or listened too.

So far, I've had 6 women complete (or are in the process of completing) the Program, and each has had their own transformation. It's usually around week 2 where things start to "click". Self-Realization sets in, and it can bring up BIG emotions. But that's to be expected when we are breaking through barriers and beliefs. The mind almost goes into shock, because we are naturally afraid of change. It's the unknown that gets us; but I promise you are safe and that the transformation will serve you well. A few women had emotional outpourings, which is a healthy and natural part of the process... they had to let things go and make peace with things that were out of their control. If you talk to any of them now, they will tell you that they gained powerful tools for self-care. That they know how and when to step away for themselves. They finish the program feeling better about themselves because they faced what turmoil was going on within. Most of them were raised to believe that Women had to cater to men, that they had to cook meals, clean the house and raise kids. That's old programming that once worked, but with changing paradigms, it's no longer fitting. Instead, these women are leaving as stronger versions of themselves. They know how to hold space without reacting, that they have to communicate, and that it's okay to take the "best looking meal" once a week.

This program is doing what I hoped it would... helping others find Self-Love, helping them to set boundaries, and reminding them that they are worthy of an hour a day. They can only help others if they help themselves.

It's no accident that I created this program. I've been through every step, which makes me the perfect guide for this Program. If you are ready to embrace your inner wellness, and to become your authentic self, send me a message. Let's connect and get you started on your own Wellness Journey.

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