Hard Work & Determination Pay Off

I grew up always hearing, "Hard work pays off." It didn't matter what I was trying to learn or work towards, that line was always tossed in my direction. Frustration always took over when I heard it, and I'd often question, "When does it pay off?" I soon found that hard work goes hand in hand with determination. If you don't see a purpose to what you are working at, then you may never feel like it pays off.

Since I found Yoga, and took a Yoga Teacher Training Program, I found I was determined to learn new poses, mantras, and styles of Yoga. This has echoed off of my Mat and into my daily life; I am now determined to help others, to pursue a career that aids in the healing of others. This is why I continue to teach Yoga, and to learn more about it; as well as taking on new programs.

I have been working hard on learning Full Camel Pose since the Yoga Teacher Training ended in May. Back in May, coming to my hands was difficult; I found that my back would be a little sore and I would have to counteract with Child's Pose. Since then, I have been working on Full Camel, always honouring my body and how it felt. Camel became a part of my every day practice; not just to work on Full Camel, but also because I spent a lot of time behind my computer screen working on this page, reading new articles to expand my mind, as well as enjoying a few of my favourite youtube channels. It was a way to counteract all of the sitting I had been doing. In the last six months I found that my back has become stronger, and more flexible. The bottom picture is where I am now, and the pain is no where to be found. I actually enjoy being in Full Camel as it helps me shift my perspective; and I have opened up to a new emotional dimension.

Hard work and determination pays off in the end; had I not been determined to work on this specific pose, I never would have seen what was and is possible for me on my mat, and in my life.