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How did I get into Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote well-being and health; this is often called Essential Oil Therapy. Aromatic essential oils are often used in aromatherapy to medically improve the health of the mind, body and spirit. It is known for enhancing both physical and mental health.

So, how and why did I get into Aromatherapy? These are great questions. I got into Aromatherapy when I was working at Evocative Essentials, an apothecary in Midland, Ontario. I began learning about the benefits of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Butters and more. I got to experience a variety of products, and scents; as well as helping others make their decisions. If I had not been studying Yoga at the time, I likely would have started an Aromatherapy course. As it so happened, a few years later I was re-hired by the new owner to help organize the system and was even able to come up with a new item for the store. - The Yoga Mat Spray that helps one refresh and cleanse their personal Mat.

Eventually, I moved on and found other areas of interest, until these last few months. I discovered that I could take a diploma course in advanced Aromatherapy. So, that's what I did. I signed up. I studied, and I learned a great deal. Aromatherapy is a great way to manage pain, improve sleep quality, reduce stress, treat headaches or migraines, and SO much more. This furthered my knowledge on things I knew about, and has helped me open up to a creative side within me. I have since completed my Diploma Program with High Distinction; and will soon be offering Aromatherapy Massage to those that are interested, as well as Aromatherapy products that can be personalized for You and your unique needs.

Aromatherapy is a natural way of healing, instead of synthesized chemicals you have the natural plant oils. I, for one, am all about the natural ways of healing.

**Note: It is recommended as a complimentary medicine.

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