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How to Establish a Home Practice

A home practice can be challenging to initiate, for some it is harder to start than it is to maintain; for others it's harder to maintain than it is to start. It all depends upon your personality and your dedication to your whole wellness - mind, body, spirit.

I wrote a similar post about this a few years back, and have since come up with some changes. Starting a home practice can feel like a lot in the beginning; but let's break it down to easy step-by-step actions. (1) Mental Set-Up

For lack of a better step name, this part is called Mental Set-Up. After all, this is where things really begin. My suggestion, from personal experience, is to set yourself up by asking the following questions, and answering them as truthfully as possible. A) How often do you plan on Practicing?

- How many days a week? What time of day? For how long?

B) What is your Why?

- Why are you practicing? What do you hope to achieve?

C) Is this do able?

- Can I maintain this schedule? Can I make the time to do this?

D) How can I keep myself accountable?

- Practice Buddy, Paid Subscription, etc.

(2) Set Up Your Space

This is an important step in the practice. You will want to set up a space in your home that you frequent often, or travel by regularly. Make an alter if you like, decorate the space just for you, and keep your practice items in this space. For me this was keeping a Yoga mat unrolled in my living room, as I spent the most time there. This reminded me to practice, and made me feel guilty when I didn't. I was able to keep myself accountable by using this method. Having a space that is already set up for you, is like creating a special sanctuary where you can disappear to regularly.

(3) Practice with a Professional

This was another important step for me, and I think it is beneficial for you as well. By practicing with a professional, you will learn new tips and tricks; or flows. I started practicing once a week in a studio with a teacher, and then practiced at home with videos. Now this has changed to meeting with my instructor online. When you practice the same thing over and over again, it get's stale and you get bored. Having a teacher will keep you learning, growing and advancing in your practice.

(4) Paid Subscription to a Channel

This is a new one that has helped keep me accountable. Sometimes, we use tools like money to keep us going. I signed up for an Online Subscription to one of my favorite instructors, and that subscription does not go to waste. $20 per month, and I'm using her videos 5-6 days a week for my own practice. It gets me onto my mat, and let's me just listen to someone else guide me through. I learn new poses, techniques and guidance cues to teach.

The best part is.... Growth in the Grove now offers an online Subscription for you to watch pre-recorded videos for only $15 per month. For the cost of a drop in class, you have unlimited access to pre-recorded videos of varying lengths, styles and challenges. What better way to keep you growing, moving and practicing.

Go to our Shop: to purchase your Monthly membership.

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