My Experience with Yoga & Pregnancy

The iconic Glow, the Morning Sickness, the Growth, and the many changes.... I'm talking about Pregnancy. Everyone is so focused on the changes within the body, the foods and drinks you can have, home and more - but what about the changes to your routine. I know my routine has changed quite a bit. Food has become an essential part of my morning, so I start by eating. Working out has also changed - certain movements are not considered safe, as well as certain styles of workouts (hmph). And of course, my dear, dear, Yoga practice. No more upward dogs or chaturangas, no more asanas on my belly or back (sigh). It's a huge adjustment.

With these adjustments to my personal practice, came personal adjustments to the way I teach. If you've been in my classes recently, you notice that I no longer practice alongside you. It was already challenging enough to breathe, move and teach prior to pregnancy - but now it's darn impossible. So, instead... I'm working you on your muscle memory, and occasionally joining you for a few asanas. You will mostly find me seated and verbally guiding you through. This gives you the chance to work body and mind in unison, and to sink deeper into your relaxation at the end.

However, there are so many benefits that yoga has for pregnant women:

- It helps to reduce aches and pains

- Helps you focus on your breathing and connection to your baby

- Keeps you moving in a safe way

- Improves Sleep

- Decreases Stress

- Increases the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth

I've been enjoying the slowed movements in my practice, and modifying to accommodate my tiny growing baby and belly. It's nice to take a step back in some ways, and to do what I need to do. Even if that's just sitting on my mat and breathing, or if it's taking a pregnancy friendly restorative class. I'm learning to be patient and to modify as I go along. Pregnancy brings many changes and challenges, as many of you may already know. Not just in my day to day life, but also in my own wellness practices. My Yoga practice has changed, but is suiting me at this point in time of my life.

That's the beauty of yoga. It meets you where you are, and can help you to find self love, acceptance and more. If I can maintain a yoga practice while pregnant, you can certainly try a yoga class for the first time or even return to the mat.