Nutrition Advising

Nutrition, to me, has always been way more than what we ingest food wise. It's always been about what we put on our bodies - clothing, lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc. It's been about what we watch, read, and take in as well. However, my focus shifted back in March and I began to learn more about diet and nutrition from a dear friend. This led me to enroll in a Diet and Nutrition Advising program - which I have successfully completed and received my diploma.

Nutrition is now a passion of mine. Healthy eating, and more goes into my day. I never realized how many unhealthy habits I had in relationship to the food I eat. I'll be the first to admit that eating a bag of chips every night was absolutely ridiculous. But the more I focused on nutrition, the more I learned about myself and our society. We have been conditioned to have snacks while we watch TV or movies; which usually happens in the evening for so many of us. ... But my unhealthy habit was eating even beyond being full. I constantly felt bloated, heavy and tired when I woke up. My friend suggested I try intermittent fasting... which I'm honestly so thankful I did. It's a habit I continue to do as well. I limit myself to a 7-8 hour window of eating; from 11:00 am to 6:00pm. I learned that what I eat depends on my stress levels and what's going on around me. When I am stressed out or overwhelmed I tend to reach for more Calories than when I am relaxed. The food cravings are different depending on my mood... sadness makes me reach for sugar, stress for carbs, happiness has me reaching for vegetables. It's been interesting to see the shifts in my body and mind.

One thing I noticed is that everyone continues to blame fats and carbohydrates for their weight gain... and it's not always true. There are such things as healthy fats and carbs - but what I ultimately found was the key to my weight loss and health journey... was Portion Control. Yup... I said it. Portion Control. My family conditioned me to eat everything on my plate, and I observed them loading up their plates... as if trying to cover the plate itself. So, it took some time to get this formed habit under control. I reached for smaller plates, and opted for more vegetables/fibre than anything else. Protein was key for keeping me fuller for longer; and I soon formed a healthy relationship with my food. - Now, that doesn't mean that I don't struggle with portion control or healthy eating... because I mean... we all do. We aren't perfect, and old habits sneak up on us if we allow it. It's something we have to be conscious about.

I ended up cutting out sugars, carbs and dairy in the beginning; as these were the things I tended to go overboard with. Now, I have a little bit here and there, but no where like before. I have recently shifted off of half and half cream at home, making the switch to Vanilla Almond Coffee Creamer. It was a shocking change, which helped me cut sugar out of my coffee routine. NO more sugar in my coffee means less empty calories.

I learned a great deal about intake levels of vitamins, micro and macro nutrients and more. It's all been broken up into age and gender; as well as lifestyles. I was able to create a plan for myself, and have been sticking to it regularly. - Now, we are all entitled to cheat days... it's just MODERATION and CONTROL need to be in place when eating things like Chips, Chocolate etc. This is why I have begun pouring a small portion of chips into a bowl and hiding the rest of the bag out of sight - in upper cupboards that I can't reach.

If you are interested in learning about your Diet and Nutrition needs, head over to our Wellness Link and check it out... or message us. I'm happy to help you out on your Wellness Journey; and to teach you a little more about what I know.

If you're interested in tracking your food, check out the App: Lose It! This app is incredible, and helps me keep track of what I'm eating, the calories involved, and the exercises that help to burn it off.