Photo Shoot Know How

There’s nothing like a photo shoot to make you question everything; is this outfit okay? Will it photograph well? How about my hair, is it looking good? Is my pose perfect? Am I sucking in my belly enough so I don’t look fat? Are those people watching? Will I hurt myself if I try that pose? Should I warm up? Should I smile or just have a relaxed face? There are so many questions that can come up prior, during and after a photo shoot; which is why I’m giving you tips on how to prepare for a Yoga Photo Shoot. Everyone will have their own tips and tricks when it comes to a photo shoot, and not everyone will agree with my tips . . . and that’s okay.

I recently had another photo shoot, my third one in a year and a half window, and it made me think about some things I wish I had known in previous shoots. My number one tip is to find a photographer.

Find a Photographer:

There are so many fine photographers out there, and it can seem like a daunting task when you are getting started. Many yogi’s and yogini’s suggest that you find a photographer who is also a yogi; as they know what they are looking for in a pose and will have a keen eye. I disagree with this tip, because I feel it is more important to find a photographer that you feel comfortable with. Each photographer, a yogi or not, will have a different eye for locations and poses; for me it is more important to find someone I feel comfortable with. I’ve had the pleasure of working with three photographers, and I liked all of them for different reasons. I felt very comfortable with all of the photographers, and it really shows in the pictures. Comfort is key to great shots.

Ideas or Images that you are seeking:

I cannot stress this tip enough; know what you are looking for prior to going in. I’ve made this mistake of not looking around and just knowing I wanted to have a few professional images of yoga poses. Remember to think of poses that you want, and be okay with not always capturing certain poses. Perhaps one day you can get into the pose, and then the day of the shoot you can’t. Yes, it sucks, but it does happen. I suggest looking on Pinterest for yoga poses and image styles you like. It’s better to have a list of what you want, rather than flowing through poses that you come up with on the spot.

Pick Your Outfits:

This is an essential part of your yoga photo shoot. Be sure to pick one or two outfits, minimum, that photograph well. If you are not sure if your funky tights will photograph well, talk to your photographer. Your photographer will know what’s best in this case, as they know their equipment.

Location, Location, Location:

When you go to book your photo shoot be sure you have a couple location ideas for your shoot, or you can let your photographer choose the location. If you’re not sure on how to select a location I recommend choosing a place that means something to you. There’s nothing more amazing than images of you doing yoga in your favourite places; it gives that image a whole new meaning to just you.

Pick a Date:

This is also very important for your shoot, be sure to pick a date that works for you and the photographer; and look into their weather policies. Be sure to give yourself a couple days prior to the shoot to practice the poses you want to get pictures of, this way you are getting your body and muscles familiar with the asanas you are looking for.

Warm Up:

Be sure to warm up prior to your shoot, and I mean within minutes of your shoot. Theirs nothing worse than getting into a difficult or challenging pose without warming up your body, and then being sore for a few days. I have been there and done that twice now. You are not a kid anymore, and you cannot bounce back from it; warm up and practice safety. Be sure to do those lead up poses and Sun Salutations, so you can walk away pain free the next day.

Water Breaks:

Depending on how long your shoot is, I always recommend keeping water handy and stopping for a water break as often as you need too. It’s nice to take a break in-between and chat with the photographer. Sometimes they will show you what they have taken so far, and it may give you ideas for other poses or images that you want.

Patience and Discipline:<