Remodelling Growth in the Grove

Growth in the Grove is changing....

I am tapping into my flow, my light and my personal power.

By tapping into my Inner Self, I have discovered that some things have not worked for me in these last few years. As I have strived to build my business, my brand, and myself; I have learned new things, and now I've started to implement these changes.

You may have noticed changes starting as early as last year. My idea of a team changed towards the end of 2018, and what I expected shifted as well. I discovered that I didn't want to manage a team, after a stressful period. Instead of the relief I expected to have with a team sharing the responsibility; I found myself micro-managing and getting upset with content quality and consistency. This, unfortunately, caused a rift between the Team Members; including me. It was a challenge that I had to overcome and adjust too. My expectations were changing, as I was evolving and growing. By May of this year, due to a collapse in a friendship, I decided to part ways and do things on my own. It was an unsettling decision. I was terrified... I was grieving a loss..... and while all of this was going on my grandfather ended up in hospital. I was thrown into change, whether I was ready for it or not. Change is the only consistency in life, and I am adapting well to the changes. As I said before, my idea of a Team Shifted... I didn't need other people doing the same thing as me. I didn't need them to be working with me. What I needed was a team of other people that complimented what I was doing. A team to collaborate with and create a greater impact. To work towards incredible workshops and now a fantastic Retreat. The women I worked with last year, were empowering and beautiful beings full of light and wisdom... and I'm thankful to have shared that part of my path with them. As I stated before - I Evolved.

There are more changes to come, and Fall is the perfect time to embrace change. Growth in the Grove is Evolving this Fall.... you will likely notice changes on the Website and Social Media. I have decided to Transform Growth in the Grove's look and brand colours. I am walking away from the Green and Grey you have become comfortable with, and stepping into shades of Teal, Purple and Blue; which speak more to me. On the note of looks, you will find a change on Growth in the Grove's Social Media... after a week to disconnect, you will notice Fewer Posts. Instead of Six posts a week, I am adjusting to Three consistent and regular posts per week.

Other Changes that you will notice is a change in the schedule. I absolutely love teaching Yoga, and I admit that I took on way more than I should have this Summer. I have managed to balance my teaching schedule with my own personal life - which has kept me balanced and energized. However, as Summer is nearing its end, I find that I am feeling a bit drained from my time on the road, getting to and from classes on time. This is only partially why you will see a decline in class offerings this Fall. I have decided to keep six or seven public classes that you can drop in to as you feel you need to. I know this isn't something that everyone will be happy about, however, it is something that I need to do for myself. With this change, I am also starting up a new program that will be more intensive than regular classes. Keep in mind that you heard it here first.... in September I will be leading a Deep Inner Wellness Group Program for 4-6 Individuals. This class will be a Private Group, and your investment will be anywhere from $160-$180 - depending on what you prefer for a section. This program is a modification of my existing Deep Inner Wellness Program; it will include: 1.5 Hour Class once per week - broken down to 1 hour of yoga and 20 minutes of meditation; outside of this you will have 30 minutes of Reiki per week (In Person or Long Distance), daily meditations and journaling prompts, and personal check ins from me. This program will come with an online PDF, that will give you small yoga practices to try throughout the week and other goodies.

Wait... there's more changes coming.....

I will also be starting up a Weekly Meditation Circle Online, that will likely happen on Monday Mornings; and will be anywhere from 10 - 30 Minutes. This is a free offering that you will find on Instagram or Facebook; and possibly even Youtube. I will also be opening up more Reiki Healing Times for you to book in and relax.

I know change is not easy to accept or to adapt to... and I thought about all of this as I've been going through my own changes on a personal level. I welcome any feedback that you have, and would greatly appreciate your patience, understanding and support as I do what I feel is best for myself, and for You. Thank You.

Growth in the Grove is changing.

I am tapping into my flow, my light and my power.

There will be fewer public Yoga Classes, More Reiki Openings, Weekly Meditations, Private Group Programs for Transformation; and fewer, yet consistent Social Media Posts.

Fall is a time of change, and I will be honouring my personal seasons.