Review" Alcohol Free for the Summer

As Summer is coming to a close, I feel it is time to reflect on my Summer Experience. A good friend of mine approached me prior to the Canada Day Long Weekend this year... She wanted to do a Cleanse. She seemed nervous about it, so I inquired further. She planned on going Alcohol Free from the Tuesday following the Canada Long Weekend, until the Friday of the Labor Day Long Weekend. 58 Days without Alcohol. It wasn't something I originally planned on doing, but in support of her I decided to be a good friend and take part as Moral Support.

Now, I'm not really a drinker... but I felt called to join in on the challenge, knowing that it would serve me well. I must admit that it was difficult at the beginning; watching everyone around me have a drink, and being offered a drink. There were times when I wanted to take them up on their offer, but I stuck to the challenge. By the middle of the Cleanse, I felt really good... I didn't want a drink. I was happy to relax without it, and still be clear of mind. It is now the Friday of the Labor Day Long Weekend, and I still have not had a drink. I must admit the thought of Alcohol today... well it made me want to be sick. I know at some point over the weekend I will have a Social Drink to celebrate with those around me, but I know I will only be having one drink. Why? I don't feel it is a necessity to have a good time, nor a requirement for me. Having to say No, for the last two months, has taught me a lot about myself; and it will make it easier for me down the road to say no to a drink. Just because everyone else is having one, doesn't make me obligated to join in.

I highly recommend that others take up this challenge, as an opportunity to learn about themselves, and to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit.

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