Social-Isolation & Social Distancing

Corvid-19. That's all I have to say to get people feeling a variety of ways. Quite frankly, as a self-employed individual it sucks. As an individual, I find myself enjoying the self-isolation and social-distancing. I'm getting all of my piled up work done... like finally sitting down and creating a YouTube Channel.

As a community, during this time, it is important that we think of others... like the elderly and those with compromised immune systems. It is our duty to protect those around us. This is why I have chosen to Cancel all of my classes, events, and even In-Person Reiki Appointments. It's a safety precaution, that will help slow the spread of Covid-19. But, I'm not leaving you hanging. You can still enjoy classes online: Instagram Tv & YouTube. I will be setting up a Zoom session for the community to come together and socialize in a safe way... my main goal is to help you through this challenging time.... I have some tips and tricks for things to do in Self-Isolation:

1) Meditate This is a big one, and is a great opportunity to get to know yourself. Let's turn off the media and come back to ourselves. You can use guided meditations online, count your breath, mantra and more. Try a few on YouTube and go from there. 2) Journal

This is a historic event taking place, so why not journal daily about the things you are doing and about the things that are happening world-wide. You will be able to show your loved ones what you experienced in an authentic way. Really get into it... down to the sensations in your body, the thoughts and more. 3) Move Your Body This is super important during these times when we can't go to the gym or the yoga studio. However, there are many ways to maintain physical movement such as home Yoga practices, home workouts and going for a walk, hike or jog. Moving your body will help to reduce fear, anxiety and depression. Climb out of the darkness by moving your body.

4) Cook Meals Before Covid-19, many of us were too busy and complained about not having the time to cook a meal. Now is the time to cook a meal from scratch, to learn to recipes, and to get children and grandkids into the kitchen. It's a way to bring your family together and to try new things. I've really enjoyed being home at regular hours, and even cooking full on meals from scratch like: stew, chili, chicken soup, bread and more. 5) Mindfulness

This is a chance to be mindful about your thoughts, what you watch and what you do. These things can affect you. It's important to watch and shift things that are negative. Think of it as Positive Self-Talk, Positive Information etc. These are just a few things you can do while you enjoy your solitude. For me I've spent time working behind the scenes catching up on Filming, Creation, and dedicating more time to my practices. I've also found time to Read and Learn. To be honest, I'm enjoying the down-time, but finding myself missing the community and classes I teach. This will only last a short while, and we will come into a new era. This is the great awakening we have been waiting for. So breathe, be patient, and enjoy the things you haven't done in a while. Many Blessings & Light to You!


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