The Close of a Chapter

Expect Changes. Change is the only certainty that we face; and we should not fear change... whether it's in a routine, or a meal, or a way of being. We should celebrate change, as it is helping us to grow. Growth in the Grove has changed and grown a lot over the past three years; it started out with just me teaching free classes in Little Lake Park, and has grown to include Emily and Rhonda; as well as Reiki sessions. We are continuously adapting on many fronts: our Social Media is currently undergoing an adjustment; our classes are changing month to month; and our ways of understanding is also transforming. We are continuously learning about ourselves, about each other, the community and more. We don't always enjoy change, but it helps us become who we are meant to be.

As I am working towards the close of a chapter, I am experiencing old emotions in a new way. It's like graduating from High School or Post Secondary school all over again; I'm thinking "What will I do next?" "How has this helped me to grow?" I'm experiencing some anxiety about this closing chapter, as I've been travelling this path for almost three years. In November I will be taking my final Reiki Training, and I have many questions and concerns for what is yet to come. I am emotional for the end of my training sessions, I've learned so much and enjoyed knowing that there was always one more step I could go for. At the end of this training, I will be certified and trained to offer my own Reiki Trainings. It's the step I've been waiting to reach, and I wait in anticipation, fear, anxiety, excitement. There's so much going on; and yet I take a pause - to breathe, to think, to be. This training is what I've been waiting for, and I will step forth onto the final leg of the journey. My sword of knowledge in hand, an open heart and eyes, and the light within shining forth.

I will leave fear behind me, and run ahead jumping any hurdle that comes my way, battling anyone who dares to try and stop me.... for this is my path, and the chapter must close, so I can bring the Hero's Journey Home. 

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