The Emotional Practice

"Your practice doesn't expect you to show up happy. It asks that you be present. It doesn't mind if you are put together, or if you are a mess. You can arrive with a jumbled mind and a heavy heart. Your practice could care a less if you can touch your toes or meditate for hours. It asks simply, that you show up." - Unknown

That quote holds so many truths, and had me reflecting on a class that I took the other day. The only thing it forgets to mention is that you can show up put together, and become a mess in the middle.

The class I took was themed around Grief, with on of my favourite teachers. I was well put together when I arrived on my mat .., but yoga can be such a gift for tapping into ones self, physical body, mental body, spiritual body... and of course the emotional body as well. - I always encourage allowing your emotions to flow if they show up ... and I took my own words to heart during this session.

We touched into the depths of my heart, and unearthed some old (deeply buried) grief that I had been holding on to. - I came undone quickly... tears filled my eyes, my heart and mind became heavy. - I was asked to think about those who had passed on, or moved on in their life to other people (relationship break ups, friend break ups, etc). The unearthing of this deeply buried grief felt more traumatic than the grief itself.

So, there I was crying on my mat ... moving through the flow ... with a heavy heart and mind. The teacher then said, "It was divinely planned that these people would leave at a certain time and in a certain way. It was divinely planned for your growth. And it's okay to feel your grief, and to be sad about it." - the flood gates opened up, the outpouring of emotions kicked up like a raging river in a storm.

And then, suddenly, the grief and sadness dissolved, it disappeared. I was left with an opening in my heart for something new.

Your yoga practice is not always going to be rainbows and sunshine - sometimes it's deep, demanding and emotional. Just allow yourself to arrive, to feel, to move, to breathe and to open up.

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