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The Grove Tribe

The Grove Tribe is a membership that allows you to practice Yoga and Meditation whenever you want, via pre-recorded videos. With a New Video posted every week for your best wellness practice.

Why You'll Love it:

- A variety of Class Styles and Lengths to fit your Schedule

- Videos recorded only for the Grove Tribe

- A How To Library to advance Your Practice Safely

- A Community Space to connect, ask questions and make video suggestions

- Discounts for our Shop, Workshops and Retreats

* PSSTT .... Did you see that we have a 7 Day FREE TRIAL *

We offered Tiered Memberships to suit your Wellness Needs. Sprout Membership - Month or Monthly


- Grove Tribe Sessions

- Grove Community

- How to Library

Sapling Membership - Year or Yearly


- Grove Tribe Sessions

- Grove Community

- How to Library

- 5% Clothing Discount

Tree Membership - Month, Monthly or Year

$85/Month OR $888/Year

- Grove Tribe Sessions

- Grove Community

- How to Library

- 10% Clothing Discount

- Discounts on Workshops

- Discounts on Retreats

- Unlimited Scheduled Classes (See Grove Calendar for Classes)

> In-Person

> Virtual

My hope with these videos is to create a space where you can practice for yourself, to be inspired, to grow, and to understand yourself. Click Here to Learn more about the Grove Tribe.

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