The Importance of Rest

We live in a society that glorifies being busy, and we are all seeing the adverse affects: the increase in mental health problems, the reactivity of people, and the desire to fill every minute doing something. Don’t get me wrong; I’m also guilty of filling every minute of every day; and not even with quality things. As an empath and introvert, I have no problem staying in; my biggest struggle is to take time to rest, to do nothing.

In late March, I went away on vacation to a warm destination; where I had no cell service, and Internet only when I was in the cottage or condo. Prior to the vacation I grew anxious about going away and leaving my business and community in the hands of my team; it was the first time I wouldn’t have anything to plan or do. I honestly believed that I would have a meltdown from taking time off and away; but to my surprise it was quite the opposite. I really enjoyed stepping away and taking time to rest, and be in the moment. My stress began to melt away, I got present in the moment, and I began to enjoy the quiet as a result of taking time to rest. I didn’t even miss the buzzing and beeping of my phone with reminders, text messages, phone calls, and appointments; I barely had my phone on me.  The act of disconnecting from Social Media and a lot of technology is often feared and brings in anxiety; however, in the moment it felt refreshing to step away. As a result of disconnecting my overall wellbeing improved; and I would highly recommend stepping away from technology, social media, and a busy lifestyle.

It was wonderful to rest, and I’ve taken it back into my daily life; I now take time daily to disconnect from Social Media, technology and the act of constant busyness. Taking the time to rest allows me to be more creative, peaceful, and present within my own body. It’s so important to slow down and rest, otherwise you may find that life has passed you by.

As a society we need to stop the glorification of being busy, and to glorify the time of rest. I’ve personally come across a lot of people that don’t know how to rest and disconnect, and you can see how drained they are. Give yourself permission to take time to rest, as you need to; see how it can change your mood, your work, and your life. Let’s glorify the act of taking time to rest, and honor ourselves, as it may help make the world a better place.

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