The Seedling Strategy

The Seedling Strategy was created in the heart of a Forest Grove, and is signature to Growth in the Grove Yoga and Wellness. I created this Strategy while I was practicing in the Forest, listening to the river flowing and the birds singing. I settled my body for meditation, when a helicopter landed on my yoga mat. The helicopter was a seed, and it landed softly on my mat before me; I smiled and looked up at the tree limbs above me, ‘What a miraculous journey’ I thought to myself. It was then that I thought about my own journey, and the many tools that I was taught along the way. I knew I wanted others to experience their own awakening; an awakening to their personal power, their truth, and their light. How could I teach others to break through?

After digging deep within myself, within my journals and my experiences, I discovered the strategy that helped me all along. Self-Inquiry, Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga combined is what helped me break through and shine bright for the world to see. I was gifted with many teachers along the way, and these were the teachings that stuck with me. These are the teachings I practice daily. The more I understand about myself, the more I can understand others.

Self-Inquiry is an important part of our strategy; as it helps you connect with who you are, your energy, your body, your thoughts and more. As an instructor I check in with those that attend my classes, asking questions like:

- How are you really doing today?

- How does your body feel?

- What thoughts are coming to your mind frequently?

- Is their anything you’d like to share today?

I find that it is important to check in with yourself, and to be as honest as possible; especially on the road to discovering yourself. The one beneath the masks, costumes, and layers that you have built up or were taught to have. By picking away at these layers, we shed pieces of ourselves that are no longer needed on our journey. They have either served their purpose, or were never meant for us. Self-Inquiry, in the beginning was difficulty, for me, it meant that I really had to dig deep and experience what was going on within. It wasn’t something that I was familiar with; but I’m happy that I did. It helped me awaken to my true self, my true potential, and my way of being.

Another key part of the strategy is Meditation. This is where we take time to create stillness in the body, so we can be aware of the mind. Our own thoughts can be detrimental to our growth; and the only way to become aware of them is to become the silent observer. By becoming the observer, you begin to notice what seeds you are planting by way of thought. This can sometimes be a scary and overwhelming realization; but that is why I am here to guide you through the process. The more time you put into Meditation, the more you will realize about yourself and the world around you. Meditation gave me insight into my own thought patters; thought patterns that I never realized I had. The self-defeating and toxic thoughts that I had about myself, and my way of being, were hard to accept at first; it took many months of Meditation to discover that these thoughts were coming from a place of unhappiness from deep within. I never gave myself the opportunity to do the things that I wanted to do, and even worked jobs I despised. Yikes. So, with that in mind I began to shift my internal world first. I did the work that was required through Self-Inquiry and Meditation; and got to the root of the problem. I then plucked the weed by the roots and began planting new seeds within my mind. I made time for myself and the things I wanted to do; like: hiking, swimming, reading, yoga, and even more Meditation. I even quit that job that I despised and started looking for a job that would be more fulfilling. Meditation gave me the internal awareness, and the ability to make changes for my own sake. This is why I have chosen to include it in the Seedling Strategy; because it is beneficial for everyone and should be taken out of the studio.

Pranayama, or breath, is something I was soon taught; and it became a huge part of what I do. I noticed how powerful my breath could be. I discovered that I held my breath in times of stress or anxiety, and sometimes even out of fear. I never truly breathed deep into my lungs until I was instructed too. Boy, was that breath a life changer. I began to practice different breathing techniques, and even became aware of my breath in difficult or trying situations. I stopped breathing deeply and calmly when things were difficult; which soon became a red flag to me. Instead of reacting to the world around me, I would stop and drop into my breath for a few deep inhales and exhales. It allowed me to respond calmly in any given situation. Even in times when I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs at someone. It also came in handy during stressful physical exercises; and gave me a way of reducing stress in my body throughout a practice. I include this in the strategy because I have heard from others that have taken my classes; they always tell me how they would hear me telling them to breathe in emotionally uncomfortable situations. Through our breath we can discover so much; it is a unique skill to be able to tap into our life force. It gives us the power to respond, instead of react; which changes so much. The more you practice pranayama, the greater awareness you will develop about your own breathing patterns.

Our final stage of the strategy and the practice is asana, or yoga. I have always found that a physical practice calms me down and helps set the tone for the day, or even shifts my entire being: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I teach Vinyasa or Flow Yoga that combines movement with breath. This particular style is empowering to the student, and encourages growth, flexibility, agility and more; not just within the body, but the mind and spirit too. The asana practice helps you to become aware of self-limiting beliefs, and often releases difficult emotions that have been stored within the body and mind. It opens you up to a whole new you. It gives you a better understanding of your layers, masks, costumes and more. It teaches you about your true nature, and educates you on what you have learned and need to let go of.

These practices make up the Seedling Strategy; and it helps you to discover that you have been planted here for a particular reason. I guide you through these steps, so you can unearth what is not you, and to find your way back to your light. Through these practices I have been able to step up into my personal power, my truth and my light; to help guide others to making their own personal discoveries. And to awaken to who they really are… a beautiful being of light, inspiration, truth and power. You are more than enough, and it is time to step into your light.

Come find yourself in nature, and discover that you are a gift from the stars.

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