Why I Love Online Yoga

Hello, my name is Jennifer; and I'm a 500 Hour Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master-Teacher, Meditation Teacher; and creator of Growth in the Grove.

I'm a huge fan of Online Yoga. - I know, it sounds strange, but hear me out.

As an ongoing student of yoga, I find my online practices to be better than in studio. Why? I find that it lands better with me. As an empath and introvert, I have less going on in my home; in the studio, someone might come in with grief or anger and I feel that. It takes me out of my practice. However, at home... I can concentrate more on myself. I know everyone is different in what they like - but this is about why I love online yoga. Let me dive a little deeper.

Doing Yoga Online allows me to wear what I want; and sometimes that's pyjamas for a restorative session. When I take any class, I'm truly and only really there for myself. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to meet and connect with others. I prefer my space, as it takes me longer to settle in. I'm more focused on what's happening physically, mentally and emotionally with myself when I practice online; it allows me to see my own resistance and tension through my breath.

I love being able to practice with my favourite teachers - especially when they are all over the world. It makes it more accessible for me - otherwise I wouldn't practice with my Favourite teacher, Cole, in Australia.

I want to dispel some common "beliefs" about Online Yoga Classes; as I hear them A LOT.

(1) I'm online all day, and I don't want to stare at a screen anymore.

For me, I actually find I spend less time staring at a screen when I'm practicing Yoga Online. I know it sounds funny, but let me explain. Online Yoga isn't just staring at a screen. You're listening to the teacher and moving your body as guided. When you don't understand, you can look up at the screen to see what's happening. Sometimes it's really a case of needing to listen to the teacher, and moving your body accordingly. I know in a studio that I don't look at the teacher for the duration for the class, I'm in my body moving it as I'm directed.

Here's another point, and you may find it offensive. Humans are creatures of habit. And I'm not saying everyone is the same. I find a similar pattern occurring... You may turn off the computer, but you likely scroll through social media on your phone or you turn on the television. You're trading one screen for another. - So, I ask, what's the difference of staying on the computer for an extra hour, letting a teacher guide you through movement?

(2) There's a lack of connection and sense of community online.

I actually love the sense of community and connection online. It's different because I'm not showing up 10 minutes early to secure a parking and yoga space in the studio, and then chatting with those around me. I'm there for the teacher and myself, but I can still connect and share in the space. I think of it as, we are all moving and breathing together... just in a virtual space.