Why Wild Yoga?

Wild Yoga is a program that I created in my Yoga Teacher Training in 2016; it was something that had not yet been done in Cottage Country, Ontario. It is a combination of Yoga, Meditation, with an outdoor education. The outdoor education ranges from tracking, wildlife, wild edibles, to survival trainings; all of the things I learned as a child and continue to educate myself on as an adult. The Wild Yoga program combines a variety of the things I'm passionate about, educated on, as well as things that helped me transform into who I am today. 

I grew up in a small town, where you needed a vehicle to get places like: the grocery store, mall, movies; and it was even a long walk to the nearest convenience store. As a result of growing up in that town, I spent a lot of time outdoors hiking, walking, exploring, swimming, and playing. My parents were also outdoorsy people; which influenced me to have a love for and of the outdoors. I grew up with a vegetable garden in the backyard, and spent summers out on the boat in cottage country or at the barn. My parents took every opportunity to get my siblings and I outdoors; as well as to educate us on tracking, proper wildlife interactions, and what they knew about wild edibles. 

Since the time I was a child, I found myself spending more and more time outdoors; as it soothed my body and mind and soon became my sacred place for healing. I've spent countless hours barefoot and observing nature; from the plants to the creatures. As a result of my time spent in the wild and with nature I began healing myself from past experiences of bullying, and my parents divorce. I experienced a transformation in the forest, because of the experiences I was raised with, and I knew that others could benefit from the healing, transformation, and growth of nature. 

With the help of my Yoga Teacher Training, I created the Wild Yoga Program. Wild Yoga encompasses a variety of the things that helped me through my life experiences; and led me to become who I am today. Because of my own experiences in nature, with yoga and meditation; I know others can heal, grow, and transform in their own ways with the experiences I provide in my program. Wild Yoga is designed to connect people with nature, so they can experience their own personal benefits of time spent outdoors, and to hopefully get them to commit to a regular practice of time spent outdoors and on their yoga mats. The ultimate goal, that I strive to achieve, is to teach people to live in cohesion with one another and the environment. 

It's difficult to explain in great detail what nature and outdoor experiences did for me, but I know the numerous benefits of spending time outdoors: relaxed state of mind, grounding energies to heal the body, the natural aromas to relax the body, and a chance to slip away from things that are burdening you. Wild Yoga continues to serve a variety of people with many unique experiences that will help them to grow and heal. 

It's time for you to get WILD with us in the Grove!