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Yoga Mat Cleanser

Have you been practicing Yoga at home? Does your Yoga Mat smell a little off? Did you know that it's important to cleanse your Mat regularly?

Well, don't worry... I have you covered with a Mat Cleanser you can make at home! Be sure to take the time to read this post, as I will give you different variations to try, as well as Essential Oils that are best for the job. Cleaning your Yoga Mat is Essential to your Practice, Community and cleanliness. Cleaning your mat helps you to reduce bacteria on your sacred space, as well as to reduce odours from sweat and out feet. This keeps your space fresh and clean for a safe practice all around. Our community members don't need to smell your mat, as it's unpleasant and can pull us out of our active meditation. It is important to be CLEAN for yourself and others. Clean your space regularly, and get into a good habit. Check out your HOMEMADE SPRAY Directions below.

Some Yoga Mat Cleansers that you buy at the store or online have Witch Hazel in them, and you can always add it to your own blend. I suggest a 1/4 of the spray bottle you are going to use. I've also seen White Vinegar suggested in the same measurement, but neither are required.

PLEASE be sure to research your Yoga Mat Online, as each mat is made differently and some oils or ingredients will deteriorate the mat. For example, Manduka Yoga Mats should never be cleaned with Vinegar or diluted vinegar.

Antibacterial Essenial Oils:

- Peppermint

- Tea Tree

- Lemongrass

- Eucalyptus

- Cedarwood

- Lavender

- Lemon

How To Use:

1) Shake up the spray bottle with your ingredients

2) Spray down your mat

3) Wipe away spray with a cloth

4) Flip Over and Repeat Instructions 2 & 3

5) Let dry for 5-10 Minutes before rolling up and storing it away

I hope this helps you to cleanse and refresh your sacred space (aka. Your Yoga Mat).

Many Blessings Grove Tribe,

- Jennifer

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