Yoga Mat Suggestions

"What Yoga Mat do you recommend?" This is a question that I face often, as a yoga teacher and practicing student. We always want to pick the right type of mat for our practice and location. So, today, I figured I would answer this question for you.

First, and foremost, you want to consider where this mat will be used for practice. I highly recommend spending more money on a quality yoga mat for indoor use, and a cheaper mat of choice for outdoor practices. I make this suggestion to you, because I have an outdoor mat that goes EVERYWHERE - the beach, the forest, the boat, the back yard. If you've seen me with this mat, you will know that it is an outdoor mat for a reason. It used to be pure white, and is now riddled with dirt - and not the kind that can be wiped off or washed out. It got into the mat. - Now this could be because it was a cheaper mat, but I wouldn't want to take an expensive mat outdoor to try this out. You can get a half decent for an outdoor practice via Walmart, the Dollar Store or Amazon.

So, why spend more money on an indoor mat? Because this is the foundation or base of your practice. You want it to be comfortable and supportive of the style of practice you do. Many Yoga Mat Companies have quizzes on their sites to best match you with your ideal yoga mat. - Now, let me save you some time and LOTS of Money. I spent a long time searching for my ideal mat - and finally landed on the Manduka Pro Travel Mat 2.5 mm.

Why did I choose the Manduka Pro Travel Mat? Their quiz matched me with this mat, and I continued my research. I knew that I would be travelling studio to studio as a student and teacher; and this was the best option for that. My color of choice was blue - not only is this my favourite color, but I find it soothing for those intense practices. When I first got this mat, it was a little slippery; so I had to work it in. I recommend taking some sand and roughing it up a bit. Then the grip becomes easy. This mat also has grips on the bottom so you don't slide all over your floor on it. - Believe me when I say that this is a must if you are advancing your practice.

So, what are my top 5 Yoga Mat Recommendations:

1) Manduka

- Lifetime guarantee

- #1 Mat Recommended by Teachers, Worldwide

- Eco Friendly Manufacturing (a big part of what I believe in)

- A Large Variety to suit your best practice: Thickness Levels, Lengths, Colours, Levels of practice

- Cost: $65 - $180

- My Mat cost me $81; and I've had it for 5 Years; No damage to it, and it's in amazing shape.


2) Jade Mat

- Eco Friendly

- Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree Program (Giving Back to Nature)