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Reiki Healing

Healing hands holding wild flowers

Benefits of Reiki Healing:

  • Relieves Pain

  • Reduces Stress

  • Reduces Anxiety

  • Helps to treat depression

  • Promotes Harmony & Balance

  • Accelerates the body's self - healing abilities

  • Helps Spiritual Growth

  • Emotional Cleansing

  • Supports the Immune System

  • Improves Focus

  • Grounds & Connects

  • Aids Sleep

  • Compliments othe treatments

Reiki, also known as healing touch, is an Ancient technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that also promotes healing throughout the mind and body. It is Universal Energy (Life Force Energy or Prana) that flows through the practitioner to you, helping you to deeply relax so the body can heal itself. Reiki practitioners use a combination of techniques: Hands-On and Hands Hovering. Reiki works on all levels - mental, physical, emotional and spiritual; as it aids in removing energy blocks. The length of time will depend on what you book, and what your body requires. Reiki is a calming and relaxing treatment for anyone: kids, teenagers, young adults, adults, and elders; and is even beneficial for an expecting mother. The best part about Reiki is that it compliments other methods and modalities of healing; it should never replace conventional treatments.

Reiki Offerings:

  • In-Person Reiki 

  • Distance Reiki

  • Reiki Trainings - Level 1-4

  • Home Cleansing

Your Investment:

In Person:

Half Hour $50

Hour $80

Distance $45

Reiki Trainings $200 per level *$400 for 4th Degree

Home Cleansing $200+

Reiki set up
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