Reiki Training

Have you ever wanted to learn more about Reiki? Now you can!

Our Reiki Master-Teacher, Jennifer, teaches Komyo Reiki Kai or Usui Reiki; which originated in Japan. She offers it in Four Degrees: Shoden, Chuden, Okuden, and Shinpiden. Each level offers something unique to the practitioner who is undergoing training, and can be found below. It is recommended that you have at least two months of practice between each level, so you can completely adjust to the energy flow. 

Jennifer offers Reiki Training in small groups throughout the year or you can book a Private Training with her.

With each Degree or Level you will receive:

  • Level or Course Booklet

  • Lunch & Snacks

  • Reiju or Level Attunements

  • Hands on Training & Practice

  • Degree Certification

Jennifer teaches Usui Reiki, a Reiki Style that originated in Japan under Master Mikao Usui. Jennifer insists on a wait period of at least 2 months before moving on to the next degree; to ensure that you've had time to attune and practice each level.

Each Degree or Training offers something different to the practitioner:

Shoden Degree - Level One:

  • What Reiki is & It's Purpose

  • History of Reiki & Master Mikao Usui

  • Reiki Principles

  • Hand Placement - Self & Others

  • Byosen Scanning Method

  • Chakras

  • Client Ethics

  • Cost: $200 

  • Hours: 7

Chuden Degree - Level Two:

  • Highlights of Shoden Degree

  • Theoretical Significance of Chuden Degree

  • Second Degree Symbols - 3 Symbols

  • Distance Healing & Various Methods

  • Reiki for other things

    • Clearing Rooms, Situations, etc.​

  • Business Ethics

  • Cost: $200

  • Hours: 7 + Assigned Reading

Okuden Degree - Third Level: (Master Certification)

  • Purpose of Advanced Training

  • Third Degree Symbol

  • Review Level One & Two Material

  • Spiritual Development

  • Developing your Reiki Practice

  • Reiki Crystal Grid

  • Reiki Aura Surgery & Reiki for Special Conditions

  • Cost: $200

  • Hours: 7 + Assigned Reading

Shinpiden Degree - Fourth Level: (Master-Teacher)

  • Review of Previous Levels Material

  • Becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher

  • How to give Reiju or Attunements

  • Readiness of Candidate

  • Conducting Reiki Classes

  • Reiki Master-Teacher Responsibilities

  • Cost: $400

  • Hours: 12 - Split into 2 Days

"You are already a Healer;let me help you tap into your natural healing ability."

- Jennifer Barth

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