** Class Passes cannot be used at:

 The Yoga House or ActiveNorth Physiotherapy

All Studios Pass

As a travelling instructor, you can find Jennifer in a variety of locations. We now have a pass that lets you practice with her at any location.


** Only Applicable to Classes taught by Jennifer Barth **

Grove Products

Dry Foot Salve

Your foundation deserves the nourishment that comes from our specially handcrafted, with healing and love, Foot Salve. Enjoy the benefits of moisturizing oils and butters that will repair dry feet. 

Grounding Spray

Grounding is the act of absorbing the Earth's energy through our senses. We have created a Grounding Spray to help you through the winter months, and to deeply relax your mind, body and spirit. Our unique, Earthy, blend of essential oils will work together to ground you down.

Muscle Rub

Treat your sore muscles to a gentle massage with our Muscle Rub. This product helps relieve sore muscles with Tumeric Butter and a unique blend of essential oils. Your muscles will be relaxed in no time.

Foot Soak

Our signature Foot Soak comes in two different scents, Peppermint and Lavender; which will delight your feet and your senses. As Yogis we know the importance of taking care of your foundation, so why not show your feet some love with our Foot Soak that will have you relaxing in no time.

Yoga Mat Cleanser

Treat your sacred space right and cleanse it after your yoga practice. It's time to clean your mat of any bacteria from your sweat or the studio floor; be sure to shake, spray and wipe away with a hand towel. This will leave your sacred space refreshed and with an Earthy scent to keep you Grounded in your practice.

Lotion Hearts

Soothe your skin and add extra moisture with these cute Lotion Hearts. These beautiful hearts will nourish your skin and reduce the itch from Bug Bites.

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