Yoga Pass

We offer a variety of classes that can be found in a variety of locations: Outdoors and Indoors (Tay Township & surrounding area), as well as Online via Google Meet. We offer drop in rates as well as class passes and monthly subscriptions.

Payments can be made Via E-Transfer to:


Drop In - $15

Five Pass - $65

Ten Pass - $110

Twenty Pass - $200

Reiki Pass

Reiki, or energy healing, is a deeply relaxing experience that you will want to experience over and over again. We offer a variety of rates for your comfort, and to save you, your hard earned money.

Payments can be made Via E-Transfer to:


30 min Session - $40

45 min Session - $50

60 Min Session - $65

Distance Session - $25

Five Pass - $250

Ten Pass - $525

Wellness Combo Package

This package gives you the best of both worlds: Yoga & Reiki for a shared cost. Save money, become empowered and feel great while you flow on your mat or get treated to a Reiki session.

Payments can be made Via E-Transfer to:


4 Yoga + 1 Reiki =$70

8 Yoga + 2 Reiki =$140

10 Yoga + 5 Reiki =$250


Grove Gear

We have a variety of Sweaters, T-Shirts, Tanks and now Zipper Hoodies available for you to purchase. A variety of colours, styles and more.

Grove Gear is a great way to connect with the Grove Tribe, and to be comfortable throughout each season.

Each purchase goes back into our community via Free Youtube videos and more.

The Great North Apparel

Do you need Yoga or Fitness Apparel?

Then look no further... This is a Canadian Company that is all about Environmental Protection and eco-friendly production. - AKA, the Grove's Favorite Active Apparel.

This is a quality brand with quality products; and one that I highly recommend.

Not to mention... they've provided a 30% Off Code just for You!

At Checkout use the Code: JENNIFER604


Muscle Rub

Treat your muscles to a gentle massage with our relaxing muscle rub. With a signature blend of butters, oils and essential oils, we have lovingly crafted a masterpiece that will help relieve sore muscles. This Muscle Rub is stored in glass containers to be environmentally friendly.

Available in two sizes.


Small - $12

Large - $20

Foot Salve

Your foundation deserves to be nourished, and we have a beautifully, handcrafted Foot Salve that will help moisturize and heal your feet. Enjoy the benefits of specially selected butters, essential oils and organic oils. This foot Salve is stored in glass containers to be environmentally friendly.

Note: We recommend that you wear socks after nourishing your feet, so you don't slide all over your home.

Available in two sizes.  Small - $12   Large - $20

Yoga Mat Spray

Treat your sacred space right and cleanse it after your yoga practice. It's time to clean your mat of any bacteria from your sweat or the studio floor; be sure to shake, spray and wipe away with a hand towel. This will leave your sacred space refreshed and with an calming scent to keep you Grounded in your practice.

Available in a 4 oz Spray Bottle for $14.

Your Wellness Matters!
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