Spiritual Life Coaching

To understand Spiritual Life Coaching, one must take a look at Life Coaching. Life Coaching helps one with goals, and is designed to help you reach your full potential. Life coaches help people to discover what they want next for their lives, careers, businesses, or even health - to take it to the next level. Spiritual Life Coaching, however, is for those who are seeking something deeper, or looking to continue on their Spiritual Journey.

Spiritual Life Coaching is for those who:

  • Want to understand their Spiritual Gifts (ex. Prophetic Dreams, Intuitive Feelings, Psychic Abilities, etc)

  • Getting out of a Religion or Religious Mindset

  •  Gaining confidence in their own intuition, thoughts and feelings

Spiritual Life Coaches use a variety of methods during a session to get to know the individual they are working with; such as: Deep Listening, Empathy (the ability to understand & share feelings of another), Spiritual Reading (a way to provide insight about you), Crystals, Tarot & Oracle Cards, as well as other Spiritual Tools.​ 

There are many techniques and methods that Spiritual Life Coaches can use to support you on your Spiritual Journey. Here, in the Grove, Jennifer will use the following techniques during your Spiritual Life Coaching session: Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Physical Movement, Connecting with Nature, Chakra Alignment, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Journaling, Working with Spirit Guides, Smudging, Affirmations, Setting Intentions and more.​

A Typical Session:

  1. The Beginning:​​

    • The Session will start off with you and the Spiritual Life Coach discussing the issue you would like to work with, or determining what the issue is together.​

    • Moving forward you will be asked to envision the outcome of the session (Ex. How do you want to feel about the issue by the end of the session? How wil you know when you're feeling confident enough to leave the session, knowing how to approach the issue? What do you need during this session in order to feel like you're making progress on this issue?)

  2. Middle of Session:​

    • Working from the beginning, the Spiritual Life Coach will use a variety of techniques and methods to help you gain more insights.​

    • They will help you explore different perspectives, actions, and spiritual concepts that will help you feel better about the issue and have new ideas on how to approach it.

  3. End of Session:​

    • Commitment - you will choose what actions you can commit to that will help you improve your approach to your issue. The Spiritual Life Coach may make suggestions about strategies, methods, and techniques that can be used day-to-day.​

    • Learning Outcomes - You will review what you have learned throughout the session (realizations you've had, any shifts in your views, awareness, mindset or spiritual understanding), how you feel about the things you've learned and how this learning will help you going forward.

    • Support & Accountability - If possible you may make the commitment that you made measurable, and assess how the Spiritual Life Coach can keep you accountable. You may have homework or in-between session activities that you and the Spiritual Life Coach agree upon.

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